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Our next conference will take place on Saturday October 27th, 2018 in Montreal. Registration is now open – spots are limited, so register early!

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IYSMP’s first initiative was to organize a youth science conference to provide a platform for high school students to not only learn from renowned professionals about the myriad of scientific pathways they can follow, but mainly, encourage them to find their true interests.

We wish for our attendees to leave the conference either inspired to pursue studies in STEM fields or to reinforce their existing interest, and to provide them with a platform to enrich theirselves at a young age.


  • To provide young and rising students an opportunity to explore and learn about various STEM fields
  • To highlight the diversity of scientific fields, exposing students to non-traditional fields and inspire students to see science beyond the known definition
  • To meet STEM professionals
  • To help them gain more confidence in their brainstorming abilities and to provide an open space for them freely discuss their ideas and share thoughts

Target Audience: High school students. We particularly encourage students from underrepresented high schools in the area to attend the conference, and strive for a balanced demographic.



Starting projects – whether for science fairs or in one’s career – begins with an idea. This session will bring together young scientists to brainstorm different ideas. Four student scientists from different fields present a 5 minute rundown of their work, after which students will disperse to work with one of the speakers based on their interest in each project. With the speaker’s help, brainstorming will start and students will try to develop new ideas and propose prospective pathways related to the speaker’s project.


Lab Tours

Most students never have the opportunity to step foot in a real research lab before graduating. Students will have the opportunity to tour featured labs in varying fields of science, switching to a different lab every 40 minutes. This will give them the opportunity to first see what a lab looks like in these separate science fields, but to also give a sense of the hands-on work being done. They will also be participating in mini activities related to the work of each lab, which are developed beforehand with the help of IYSMP volunteers.


Special Skills Workshop

To be successful in STEM fields, both a powerful drive and strong personal skills are needed. Through a 40 minute workshop, students will learn how to develop a personal skill needed to maximize their effectiveness.


Panel Discussion

Four scientists in different fields of science will be discussing how they got started in science, what work they’re currently doing, and offer insight into STEM fields. There will also be a 1h Q&A session for the students to ask questions. Students are encouraged to prepare questions for the speakers in advance.

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