Mission: To encourage more youth to pursue their interests in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields in order to promote the development of a new generation of young scientists.

We strive to:

  • Show students the relevance of research and innovations to everyday life, connecting theory and curriculum material to the real world.
  • Target and support underrepresented populations in STEM fields
  • Encourage youth involvement in STEM related activities, re-igniting a sense of curiosity and discovery in students.
  • Motivate interdisciplinary thinking, and expose students to new STEM fields and applications.

Meet the team

Meet the advisory board

Dr. Samantha Gruenheid

Associate Professor, McGill University

Dr. Samantha Gruenheid, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair at McGill University, discovered her passion for research during an undergraduate honour’s project at the University of British Columbia where she characterized the mechanisms of resistance of certain cell lines to herpes virus infection. Following graduation, she continued this project as a research assistant before pursuing her Ph.D. at McGill University in the lab of Dr. Philippe Gros, an expert in the genetics of host resistance to infection. Following her Ph.D., she undertook postdoctoral studies with Dr. Brett Finlay, a world-renowned expert in bacterial pathogenesis, where she identified and characterized a family of bacterial virulence factors that are injected into host cells. In 2005, she joined the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University where she runs an active research program on host-pathogen interactions, with a major focus on enteric bacteria. She is also the Canadian Representative and the Co-Leader of the Science Committee of the Small World Initiative, an international research and teaching collaborative that aims to introduce undergraduate students to the excitement of authentic scientific research while addressing a real-world problem: the diminishing supply of effective antibiotics.

Dr. A.M. Rashmini Segarajasinghe-Ernest

Education Advisor, Dawson College Academic Skills Centre

I am at my core a teacher who has dedicated over 25 years to facilitating learning. An Intercultural and Diversity Trainer with over 15 years experience, I have as well been a Math and Science teacher at the elementary and high school levels in India, the United States and China. As a graduate student, I was fascinated with how educators might mentor young people to be leaders in their chosen fields- the STEM fields in particular. To facilitate this process, I furthered my training as a teacher educator and a specialist in International Education Development. Currently, I work at the CEGEP level to foster the development of strong academic skills for students aspiring to university education. I am deeply committed to the mentoring process and being invited to do so with the IYSMP group is an honor and privilege.

Dr. Baharak Fatholahzadeh

Physics Teacher, Marianopolis College

My interest in science started as a young girl. However, I became certain that I wanted a career in science when I first learned about modern physics. I always thought of science as a concrete field of study but modern physics made me realize how much room there is for creativity. It also made me realize just how mysterious nature can be. This passion led me to pursue my PhD in high energy physics. I first started in theoretical physics but then went on to complete my research at the large hadron collider in Switzerland. Working on one of the largest experiments of our time was a life-long dream of mine. But while pursuing this passion I also realized how fulfilling teaching physics was in my life. I love communicating abstract ideas in physics in simple terms and love seeing the glitter in students' eyes when they get inspired by an idea. I now teach physics at Marianopolis College and am amazed on a daily basis by the level of talent and drive in those around me. Igniting and fostering such passion in young scientists is the main focus of IYSMP and I am certain that it will benefit all that seek to participate in the activities offered.